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  • Aponogeton Ulvaceus

Aponogeton Ulvaceus

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Quick Overview

The Aponogeton Ulvaceus is a submerged aquarium plant that has bright green translucent leaves which are wavy and slightly curled in shape. This plant comes is distributed throughout central and northern Madagascar and in it's wild environment the Aponogeton Ulvaceus is always submerged and grows in calm, moving waters.

It prefers a sunny, partly shaded conditions. A single root of Aponogeton Ulvaceus can produce more than 40 leaves up to 30-60 cm in length. Due to this plant is better as a solitary plant in medium to large aquarium tanks with soft or hard water conditions. 

Aponogeton Ulvaceus is a type of aquatic plant that is mostly seen in aquariums, although it does grow naturally in its home environment. The plant grows completely submerged under the water and the leaves do not float at all. They do not rise above the water as they are dependent on it for oxygen. The plant has a cone shape, and has a rhizome that is covered in protective hairs that is about 30mm in diameter. The hairs protect the plant from receiving any water damage and allow it to grow fully under the water.

Appearance and Structure

Each of the leaf blades has a tapering base that is pale in colour and measures about 50cm in length and 8cm in width. The leaves are more like strings of fettuccini than what one would typically describe as a leaf. They could also be compared to the branches of a weeping willow tree stood up in the water. All of the leaves have some petioles as well that measure the same length as the leaves and they appear to be almost translucent in the water. This adds a unique overall feel to the leaves. It also allows them to stand out if you are comparing them to other plants in the tank.

Versatility and Value

One thing unique about Aponogeton Ulvaceus is the fact that you do not need to purchase multiple plants in order to fill up an aquarium. One bulb can result in as many as forty waving leaves, if the plant is kept in good condition and transported carefully. Regardless of how well a plant is rooted it will never have floating leaves though, so those interested in this should look for another type of aquatic plant.

In the wild Aponogeton Ulvaceus is found natively in Northern and Central regions of Madagascar. In its native habitat it stays submerged completely, but it is a very versatile plant. It can not only grow in the shade, but also in sunny areas. It also can grow in both moving waters and still waters. This makes it ideal for many different aquarium setups, including those that may include outdoor arrangements and waterfalls.


Keeping it Healthy

As noted, the plant is able to tolerate almost any water conditions making it a hardy choice for any type of aquarium, but it will grow the best when presented with its optimal conditions of slightly alkaline water, kept at about 22C. If there is more CO2 in the water this will also help the plant grow at a much faster and healthier rate. It prefers to be placed in a bright area of the tank, but can still take root and grow if the area is partially shaded. Most people keep Aponogeton Ulvaceus in aquariums as a specimen plant. However, snails are very attracted to this plant so it is not a good match for a tank with lots of them. The snails will destroy the plant, eating all of the leaves. If water temperatures are kept lower sometimes the plant will go dormant, which is an interesting feature to watch for in your tank.


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Additional Information

Origin Madagascar
pH 6.5-7.5
Light Moderate
Temp 20-26
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