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Aquarium Foreground Plants

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Foreground Plants

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  1. Ambulia Aquatica

    A fragile plant with fine leaves arranged in whorls. Grows quickly.
    Price From: £2.23
  2. Anubias Nana

    A beautiful plant with dark green foliage this is one of the smallest form of Anubias.
  3. Bacopa Myriophylloides

    Has needle shaped leaves which are pale green. Undemanding plant which can survive in any type of water or substrate.
    Price From: £1.98
  4. Blyxa Japonica

    Leaves are grass-like blades and dark green in appearance. Can take on a reddish hue under bright light. Requires consistent stable conditions to thrive.
    Price From: £3.75
  5. Cryptocoryne Lucens

    A very attractive Crypt which makes for a very good foreground plant ( 5pcs )
  6. Dwarf Hairgrass

    Very hardy grass like plant able to survive temperatures as low as 5c. Thinning is necessary when it becomes thick in order to stimulate growth.
    Price From: £1.99
  7. Java Moss

    The irregularly branched stems bear small emerald green leaves about 2mm long. An undemanding plant which gradually spreads in a carpet like manner after a period of acclimatisation. We also sell this plant ready attached to driftwood, volcanic rock, coconut shell and bamboo stick. Please see our timber yard section for further details. **PLS NOTE JAVA MOSS IS A MOSS , FOR 5 LOT QTY YOU WILL GET 1 PCE AT 2 SQUARE INCHES** FOR A 25 LOT YOU WILL GET 1 PCE ABOUT 4 SQAURE INCHES.
    Price From: £2.11
  8. Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

    Can grow in any type of water in a range of temperatures. Creeping plant.
    Price From: £3.72
  9. Mayaca Fluviatilis Green

    This plant has very slender leaves which are yellowish green in colour. It produces violet flowers and prefers medium light and soft water.
    Price From: £1.98
  10. Micranthemum Umbrosum

    A delicate plant with pale green circular leaves. It requires good light and room to grow.
    Price From: £3.13
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Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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