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Aquarium Midground Plants

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Midground Plants

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  1. African Tiger Lotus ( 1 POT )

    Beautiful purple, heart shaped leaves which in bright light will grow quickly producing surface leaves. THIS PLANT IS NOW SUPPLIED IN POT FORM FROM TROPICA
  2. Anubias Barteri

    A rare plant with oval shaped leaves which can be propagated by division of the rhizome. Never bury the rhizome in the substrate as this will cause it to rot.
    Price From: £4.50
  3. Aponogeton Crispus

    This plant has reddish crispate leaves. It can tolerate hard water and is a good background to mid ground specimen.
    Price From: £0.95
  4. Bacopa Caroliniana

    The lemon bacopa as it is generally known, can give off a lemon scent when the leaves or stem are crushed. Leaves become translucent and attain a bronze hue under high light conditions. It also develops blue bell shaped flowers.
    Price From: £2.15
  5. Hairgrass

    Needs a brightly lit area to grow. Otherwise it is an undemanding plant.
    Price From: £1.99
  6. Hornwort

    These plants can survive in a wide range of environments, as they are fast growers and act as a kind of biological filter for the aquarium.
    Price From: £2.15
  7. Hygrophila Polysperma

    A very hardy and adaptable plant. Should be pruned regularly otherwise it may become very dense and block light to other plants. Ideal background plant which can create a green curtain across the back of your aquarium.
    Price From: £1.99
  8. Java Fern

    Our best selling aquarium plant! This hardy species is very easily maintained provided it is attached to rocks or driftwood. The rhizome should never be buried in the substrate. We also sell these plants ready grown on driftwood or volcanic rock. Please see our timber yard section for further details.
    Price From: £3.10
  9. Java Fern Windelov

    This attractive version of Java Fern has unique leaf tips which branch out.
    Price From: £0.89
  10. Rotala Macranda

    The striking rich pinkish red colour of this plant makes it a very popular choice. Needs strong light to prosper.
    Price From: £2.40
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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