These collections have been put together to give you a fantastic variety of
plants from across our range.
The plants in this collection will come in a selection of the very best quality potted plants from Tropica,

This Collection is suited to an aquarium measuring 48 inches across from left to right
as you are looking at it.

Plants Included:

2 x Pots of our choice ( Tropica )
2 x Pot Java Fern ( Tropica )
2 x Pot Cryptocoryne ( Tropica )
2 x Pot Echinodorus Sp. ( Tropica )
1 x Pot Ludwigia ( Tropica )
2 x Pot Alternathera Reineckii ( Tropica )
1 x Pot Anubias Sp. ( Tropica )
1 x Pot Hygrophila ( Tropica )

If in the unlikely event any of the above are not available we will send a comparable alternative.