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Amazon Sword

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Best suited for large aquariums the Amazon Sword plants are ideal as either a beautiful centre point when used individually or as a background when combined with other aquarium plants.

The Amazon Sword, also known as Echinodorus amazonicus, is a Rosette plant that is extremely popular with many an aquarium enthusiasts. Usually reaching to about 20 inches when placed in the proper water conditions the Amazon Sword Plant is dark green with relatively short stems and sword like leaves with a pointed tip.

There are many different ways to use an Amazon Sword Plant in your aquarium. As mentioned, they make a great background plant if you are looking for something to sit against the back wall of a tank, but they also can be very eye-catching if they are planted alone and used as a centrepiece in the middle of the tank. The lush sharp colour green of the leaves will really pop out of the tank if you place the plant against a black background. They also can be used to create a forest look in the tank if you place a bunch of them together against the back wall of the tank. In addition, they can be used as a clever way to hide an aquarium heater or filter intake tube.

It is Important to consider what type of fish are going to go in the tank before buying an Amazon Sword Plant for your tank. Community fish tend to be the best choice, but tanks with Texas Cichlids, Oscar, Jack Dempsey, or rough fish should probably not use it. This is due to the fact that they tend to chew and damage the plants quickly. Goldfish are also known to eat them, but if your goal is to give the goldfish something to pick at then it would be an appropriate choice.

If you have decided that an Amazon Sword Plant is the right choice for you then it is important that you choose a healthy plant. When making a purchase look for a plant that has healthy green leaves that are long and undamaged. You want do not have any brown spots or holes in them as this is a good indicator of the health of the plant. Look for plants that have a solid root structure and avoid any that have that leaves look brown, yellow, or clear as this is a sign the plant is likely dying.

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