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60" Discus Collection

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Quick Overview

These collections are made up with plants suited to higher water temperatures of a Discus aquarium.
All plants will come marked up with the name of species, and there will be a selection of
F = Foreground , M = Midground and B = Background variants.

This collection is suited to Discus aquarium measuring 60 inches from left to right as you look at it.

5 x Aponogeton Crispus
15 x Vallis Corkscrew small
15 x Vallis Torta
10 x Hygrophila Polysperma
15 x Crypt Lucens
15 x Rotala Macrandra
15 x Sag Subulata
15 x Red Ludwigia
10 x Rotla Roundifolia
10 x Java Fern
10 x Crypt Wendtii
15 x Ech Paniculatus

( In the unlikely event that any of the above named plants are unavailable, suitable alternatives will be sent in place of )