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  • Salvinia Natans Aquarium Plant | Floating Fern

Salvinia Natans

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Quick Overview

Salvinia Natans is the scientific name for floating moss, which is also sometimes referred to as a floating fern or floating watermoss. Commercially, this unique plant is also commonly marketed as Water Butterfly Wings - because the name makes it seem much more exotic! Either way, it can be quite thrilling to see floating moss while out at a pond or lake, and chances are good that you have, at some point in your life. Salvinia Natans is very common in areas where there is a lot of humid air and fresh water. The plant does need sunlight to grow however, so you are more likely to see it in a pond than in a shady area.

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Price From: £2.03

Additional Information

Origin Cosmopolitan
pH 6-8
Light Bright
Temp 18-30
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