Cyperus Helferi

Originating in South Asia, Cyperus Helferi is a slow growing aquarium plants compared to other aquatic plants. The average height of this Rosette type plant is between 20-30 cm after a couple of months growth.

It’s growing condition demands are medium light and a medium need of CO2 of 6-14 mg/L

Cyperus-species are widespread all over the tropics, but only a few of them are good underwater plants. Cyperus hellfire from Thailand is the first Cyperus-species used in aquariums.


Cyperus Helferi is quite widespread and isn’t a difficult one to keep. Water in a tank should be a moderate temperature, since optimal water temperature for the plant is about 22–26°C. Acidity in the water should be maintained at point not higher than pH 7,2.

Cyperus is less demanding in terms of water hardness, therefore it grows well both in soft & medium hardness water. It successfully dwells in tanks with water filtrated.

CO2 supply effectively stimulates the plant development rate, however, CO2 supply isn’t a must for it.



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