Ensures an excellent growth for your plants from the begining, and boosts the red coloured plants.
It is a complete substrate, but can be used with or without other types of bottom layer.

1. A one stop bottom layer.
2. 2-3MM sized grains make for easy planting.
3. Aquarium Soil will ensure proper growth of your plants and is great for red coloured plants.

The Soil an active bottom layer that lowers PH and slightly effects water chemistry.
It is recommended that 25-50% water changes are done twice a week for the first month
after establishing the aquarium.


1. Measure the length and width of your aquarium in cm. for eg: 90 x 60 cm lets say.
2. Decide the depth of Soil you want e.g. 8cm deep.
You can make the layer deeper towards th back to create a great visual effect !
3. calculate length x width x depth of layer then divide by 1000

Using our eg: 90 x 60 x 8 = 43200 Divide by 1000 = 43.2 L Soil required.