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Java Plants



We pride ourselves on offering the freshest and highest quality aquarium plants currently available by mail order.

All our plants are imported in every week to ensure total freshness. We do not hold stock as bunching large numbers of plants together in holding tanks will only cause them to start rotting from the inside out. Unlike other mail order companies we can ensure you only get plants that have arrived with us the same week, not ones which have been in for weeks and way past their best.


We source our plants from different suppliers to any other mail order company making sure only the best grade plants are sent to Java , we can see the difference and so will you. The plants are checked at 3 different points before they arrive at your door. Firstly all plants are examined prior to export from our suppliers. Then again on unpacking at our premises the plants are carefully looked over and finally as the plants are re packed into your order we make one last check and if anything does not look 100% we will NOT send it out. No other company goes to these lengths for their customers. We are so confident in the methods of our packaging and the total quality of our plants, we UNIQUELY offer in the unlikely event that you are not entirely satisfied with ANY purchase from Java a NO quibble MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on return of purchase. We will also go a step further than the rest and PAY FOR THE POSTAGE BACK TO US AS WELL.